The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of DRAGONFLY & DRAGONFLYMAN #1 from Ahoy Comics. The story is written by Tom Peyer; with art by Peter Krause, colors by Andy Troy, and lettering by Rob Steen. The backup tales are by writers Matt Brady, Tyrone Finch, & Kek-W; with illustrations by Joe Orsak and Shawn Crystal.

On Earth-Omega, Dragonfly and Stinger are investigating a double homicide, which quickly leads them to one of their deadlier foes - Devil Man. Meanwhile on Earth-Alpha, Dragonflyman and Stinger quickly deduce that the Count of Corruption, Devil Man is up to no good once again. The Stinger in both universes is about to find themselves in a tough spot when their crime-fighting partner turns against them through no fault of their own…

 This mini-series is a prequel to THE WRONG EARTH series that was released earlier this year. I really enjoyed that book, so when this was announced I was understandably excited. The whole dark knight/ bright knight concept is continued perfectly; Dragonflyman and Stinger are best of buds, while Dragonfly insults Stinger at every opportunity…even a compliment is backhanded. Peter Krause and Andy Troy do a great job making the universes look so different, yet very similar. It will be interesting to see more of the universes and is a great tide over until follow up to THE WRONG EARTH arrives. Check it out!

DRAGONFLY & DRAGONFLYMAN #1 is in stores now or available at Comicsahoy.com.