The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of ARCHIE HALLOWEEN SPECTACULAR from Archie Comics. The stories are written by Francis Bonnet, Bill Golliher, and Dan Parent; with pencils by Jeff Shultz, Bill Golliher, and Dan Parent, inks by Bob Smith, Jon D’Agostino, and Jim Amash, colors by Glen Whitmore, and lettering by Jack Morelli, and Bill Yoshida.

“The Haunted (Lodge) Mansion”- Archie and Jughead show up at Veronica’s to locate the source of the spooky sounds she’s been hearing. It doesn’t take long before our heroes start hearing them as well. Are the boys up to the task of dealing with who (or what) is causing all these noises?

“Mummy Dearest” – Sabrina is attracted to the new vampire in town, but he doesn’t even notice her. There’s also a new mummy named Milton in school who is interested in Sabrina. She decides to go out with Milton to the Winter Carnival. Will she change her mind about the new boy who is so wrapped up on her?

“The Wearwolf” – Archie has put together a werewolf mask that he plans to use for Halloween. He shows it off, but apparently the glue hasn’t completely dried yet…

“Aw, What The Hex!”- Wally the werewolf is cheating in class thanks to Cleara, in return for him taking her out on a date. Sabrina is understandably upset at this, but she won’t be the only one. When a cheat sheet is found, their friend Eye-da is implicated. Will Cleara do the right thing, or stay silent?
As always, classic ARCHIE puts out fun, entertaining stories that are enjoyable for all ages. Halloween brings out a ton of the scary tales, but there’s also the fun side as well. What better way to celebrate the holiday than with the gang from Riverdale? Grab this book and be ready to laugh so much, you forget to be scared!

ARCHIE HALLOWEEN SPECTACULAR is in stores now or available at archiecomics.com.