October 31, 2014


The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT #16 from Dark Horse Comics. The story is written by Joshua Williamson, illustrated by Fernando Dagnino, with colors by Javier Mena, and letters by Blambot’s Nate Piekos.

 It’s Halloween time in Nightshade, Nevada. Jim Albright, AKA Captain Midnight, is in the process of rebuilding the diner (and the town) as part of making up to the people for the battle with Tempus. Agent Jones buys a present for Albright…an old time radio. As the two listen to an old radio drama featuring Wolfman Willie, something happens to the townsfolk. This is a Halloween Albright and Jones won’t forget…assuming they survive the night.

It seems to me that Joshua Williamson can do no wrong. I’m enjoying all of his titles…with CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT possibly being at the top.  Albright is becoming a superhero because the world needs them. After all he’s been through since being displaced into this time period from World War II; he’s more concern about others who might need his help. That is the mark of a true hero.

CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT #16 is in stores now, or available for ordering at www.darkhorse.com. For more info on Project Black Sky, check out www.projectblacksky.net.

A Review: ROBYN HOOD #3

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of ROBYN HOOD #3 from Zenescope Entertainment. The story is written by Pat Shand, illustrated by Claudia Balboni, with colors by Slamet Mujiono, and letters by Jim Campbell.

Robyn and Marian have a plan that should end the priest/sorcerer’s evil plans once and for all. However, to accomplish it they need the assistance of the young witches (who they are trying to protect) and the mysterious young man named Paul (who has his own agenda). Even if they succeed, is it only the beginning of something far more dangerous?

I have really enjoyed the mini-series and glad that Robyn has graduated to an ongoing. Pat Shand does an awesome job writing strong female leads in an urban fantasy (at least for now). I’m pleasantly surprised that the main story arc lasted three issues – a rare thing in the “written for the trade” days we live in. It was nice, concise, and moved quickly but not rushed. Claudia Balboni did the art on the last two issues, and I like what I see. Hopefully she will be on the title for a long time. If you have been curious about this title, now is the time to jump onboard and enjoy the ride!

ROBYN HOOD #3 is in stores now, or available for ordering at www.zenescope.com.