The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of BLACK HAMMER/JUSTICE LEAGUE: HAMMER OF JUSTICE #1 from Dark Horse Comics and DC Comics. The story is written by Jeff Lemire; with art by Michael Walsh and lettering by Nate Piekos of Blambot.

It’s just another morning on the farm and Abraham is getting ready for the day’s work. He enters the barn only to find that Talky Walky and Barbalien have taken the tractor in another attempt to return to their own world. As the others join the argument, a stranger walks up to the group with an offer to buy the farm. Meanwhile on another Earth, the Justice League is battling Starro in downtown Metropolis. It was at that moment that same stranger appears before them with an opportunity to get away from it all. Before either team can act, they have switched places. What is going on and how can our heroes get out of this situation?

We are in a mist of a bunch of great crossovers, and this has the potential of being one of the best., Lemire does a great job of introducing his BLACK HAMMER characters (you guys already know the Justice League, right?) and setting the premise of what is about to happen over the course of the series. Michael Wlash’s work shines in this issue; such stunning work. This will not be your typical crossover and I totally dig it. Check it out.

BLACK HAMMER/JUSTICE LEAGUE: HAMMER OF JUSTICE #1 is in stores now or available at www.darkhorse.com.