The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH #2 from Archie Comics. The story is written by Kelly Thompson; with art by Veronica Fish & Andy Fish, and lettering by Jack Morelli.

As if Sabrina doesn’t have enough problems being at a new school in a new town, she encounters a wendigo on her way home. As if that wasn’t enough a kraken appears as well. After she resolves everything, she gets home and recounts the rather eventful evening. She then learns the reason why they have moved to Greendale in the first place. The next day finds her being asked out on a date, and who she may have used magic on last night to save her new friends…

I have to admit that I’m digging this go around of SABRINA more than the previous series (no offense to the creators). This book has the horror and supernatural, but also with it come humor, drama, and excitement which add up to a great read. Kelly Thompsons’ dialogue is perfect; it sounds like very much like what teenagers would say…if they were dealing with a similar environment. The visuals from Veronica Fish & Andy Fish are top notch as well; everything looks great and the colors, while muted, are very vivid and I love the look. It’s not too late to get on this book, and its well worth the time. Check it out.

SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH #2 is in stores now or available at archiecomics.com.