The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of BETTY AND VERONICA FRIENDS FOREVER#1 AT THE MOVIES from Archie Comics. The stories are by Bill Golliher; with art by Dan Parent, inks by Rich Koslowski, colors by Glenn Whitmore, and lettering by Jack Morelli.

In “Riot on the Set,” the girls visit the set on the latest Pirates of Cancun film (thanks to Mr. Lodge’s financing). Things get crazy from there…

In “Movie Mix-Up.” The girls have dates to the movies, but are reminded by Archie of their tradition of seeing the Star Spars films on opening night. Betty comes up with an idea of trying to do both. You can guess how well that will turn out…

In “Extra Disastrous,” the girls are extras to a film that some scenes are being filmed in Riverdale. Can the girls keep calm while they are a few feet away from some of the biggest stars in Hollywood?

In “An Unliving-Doll, the girls arrive at Veronica’s house after watching a scary movie. It doesn’t help that it’s nighttime, it’s stormy, and they are alone…or are they?

It’s always a treat to read classic ARCHIE in non-digest form these days, and seeing a series focusing on the girls is an extra one. Bill Golliher, Dan Parent, Rich Koslowski, Glenn Whitmore, and Jack Morelli are all ARCHIE veterans that deliver some funfilled tales that tickle the funny bone. Great for readers for all ages; especially fans of classic ARCHIE. Check it out.

BETTY AND VERONICA FRIENDS FOREVER #1 AT THE MOVIES is in stores now or available at www.archiecomics.com.