A Review: WEIRD LOVE #4

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of WEIRD LOVE #4 from IDW Publishing. The stories are written by Gary Friedrich and various unknown writers. The art is by Bob Powell, Pete Costanza, Ric Estrada, and unknown.

“Too Fat to Frug” - Sharon was the top go-go dancer at Gaslight Square Discotheque and finally fell in love. But when Sheila enters the picture, Sharon’s jealously loses the man of her dreams and her hourglass figure…

“I was a Border Racket Girl!” – Amy is involved in a racket to bring rich European men to America by marrying them. But things become complicated when she falls in love with Rene. Will true love conquer even this?

“Two-faced Woman” – Veronica is a plain looking woman shunned by everyone in town. When famous writer Roderick Carson finds a home in town, what lengths will Veronica go to be noticed by him?

“Flirtation on Wheels” – Pam has never had roots her entire life. When she falls in love with a young man named Adam, will her trailer park lifestyle ruin her chance at true happiness?

“A Monster’s Kisses” – Derek’s new bride hates the fact that he won’t shave or be better dressed. Is the marriage over before it truly begins?

Romance comics is a dead genre in comics today, and this series may show the reason why. To be fair, superhero comics were just as goofy during the 50’s, 60's and 70’s. It WAS the Silver Age of comics. That being said, these weren’t all that bad stories, with some very nice art to go with it. It’s worth checking out storytelling from a bygone time…

WEIRD LOVE #4 is in stores now, or available for ordering at www.idwpublishing.com.