The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of TERMINAL HERO #1 from Dynamite Entertainment. Peter Milligan writes, Piotr Kowalski draws and Kelly Fitzpatrick colors.

Rory Fletcher has just received a death sentence – an aggressive brain tumor. A friend of his has heard of an untested treatment, though, and they get their hands on it. It works, but there are side effects (to say the least). Rory has visions, and sometimes they come true – violently. He can keep himself distracted for a little while, but it breaks loose eventually.

Good characters make (or break) good stories, and I like Rory. He’s a little flawed and thoroughly confused, but he’s a good guy. He’s got friends who want to help, a doctor who seems indifferent, and something inside him that wants to destroy. The art really helps to show that anger (or whatever it is) beautifully.

There are several different directions this could go, and all of them have really cool potential. Which is another thing that can make a good story. Either way it should be a fun title.

TERMINAL HERO #1 is available now at your FLCS or at dynamite.com.

~Mike ( @MikeyGeek )