A Review: THE RED TEN #6

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of THE RED TEN #6 from ComixTribe. The story is by Tyler James, with art by Cesar Feliciano, inks by Vic Moya, and colors by Guillermo Ucha.

Following the explosive revelations from last issue, Red’s former sidekick Crimson is mad as hell and wants revenge. The questions of who killed Red and why has been answered, but some members of the Alliance don’t believe “The World’s Greatest Detective” is realy dead. The more pressing issue is how can they get off the island and who is responsible for the deaths of the other members of The Alliance? Unfortunately, another hero falls…and then there were four.

It seems like a long time between issues #5 and #6, but it was worth the wait. Every time I think the story goes one direction, it goes another. I like that…it keep me guessing. James’ take of the Agatha Christie’s story AND THEN THERE WERE NONE with superheroes (his version of DC’s Justice League) has been an incredible read. Cesar Feliciano’s art is very nice (great character designs), and Guillermo Ucha supplies a beautiful colorwork. This is a highly recommended mini-series. Issues #0-#5 are now collected in a trade, so there’s no excuses NOT to get this.

THE RED TEN #6 is in stores now, or available for ordering at www.comixtribe.com/the-red-ten.