A Review: STARLIGHT #1

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of STARLIGHT #1 from Image Comics. The story is by Mark Miller, with art by Goran Parlov, colors by Ive Svorcina, and lettering by Marko Sunjic.

Duke McQueen is at a low point in his life; his wife of thirty-eight years has passed away from breast cancer and his sons are too busy with their own lives to be with him. Duke is constantly dreaming of his younger days when he was accidently transported to the planet Tantalus and eventually led a revolt against the planet’s dictator Typhon. With no purpose to his life, Duke receives an opportunity literally from the skies. Will he take it?

This series is Millar’s homage to Flash Gordon, taken several years down the road. You know Duke is going back to space for what may be his final adventure, but there will be a lot of old school sci-fi action and fun. The combination of Goran Parlov’s art and Ive Svorcina’s colors do a wonderful job of contrasting the beauty of Tantalus with the drab look of Earth, as well as our hero then and now. While this issue seems a little depressing, you get glimpses of what is to come. This is a book worth picking up!

STARLIGHT #1 is in stores now, or available for ordering at www.imagecomics.com.