The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of THE ART OF JASON LENOX VOLUME TWO from Ugli Studios Comics. The introduction is by writer/illustrator Joseph Freistuhler.

This volume features pinups, projects that never took off, panels from his story “Painted Ladies of San Quentin,” even a revisit to a piece he did when he was twelve years old! Lenox also shows his process of doing the pieces; from layout all the way to the finished product.

I am a big fan of Jason’s work.  Freistuhler’s introduction (in my mind) slams the use of “old school” when describing Jason’s art, saying it’s “as relevant as ever.” Jason has taken the “old school” method and made it as fresh as anything in this age of digital art. My favorite piece is “Survivor,” about what an immortal has lived through in his lifetime. One third of the piece shows him as a Roman general, a third as a Nazi officer, and the final third as a corporate CEO. The lack of color helps blend the time periods and it looks beautiful. Jason Lenox's art inspires me to be more creative.

Jason Lenox is doing a Kickstarter to raise funds for THE ART OF JASON LENOX VOLUME TWO. You can read more about the project and contribute at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2146510891/the-art-of-jason-lenox-volume-2.