The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of CREEPY SCARLETT BOOK ONE from Last Sunset Comics. Graeme Buchan writes, Felipe Sanhueza draws and Jessica Jimerson colors.

Scarlett lives in an abandoned church. One day an old warrior appears, and his task is to train the young woman to protect a powerful artifact from those who would abuse it. The warrior does so, but is doubtful of Scarlett’s ability to do the work needed. But there is much he does not know about the girl, and she is capable of much more than he can imagine.

She is definitely not your everyday guardian of evil artifacts. What she has, though, is a huge backstory, mostly told through flashbacks, that makes what may seem like a simple character a very deep one indeed. Combine that with a list of fun bad guys, great art (especially the swordplay), and Mr. Ted, and you’ve got a well-told story with lots of room to grow.

This is a comic that’s equal parts funny and dramatic, fantastic and gritty. The childlike Scarlett has her own dichotomy too, but no spoilers – go pick it up and read it for yourself.

CREEPY SCARLETT BOOK ONE (containing the first three issues) is available now at DriveThruComics, and issue 4 is coming soon!

~Mike ( @MikeyGeek )