The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of I AM MICHAEL WATCHER #1 from Skinny Boy Studios. The story is by Brian Hawkins, with art by Charlie Sansalone Alway and lettering by HdE.

Luqas Cohen wakes up in Allie’s dorm room not knowing where he is or what’s going on. He realizes that he’s in pain from a nasty tattoo on his abdomen that reads, "I Am Michael Watcher." Allie informs him that he has been missing for two weeks. What Luqas doesn’t know is the “tattoo” is the calling card of a serial killer that is stalking people at Mumfort Academy. He also doesn’t know why he has the student id card of Allie’s missing roommate!

This is a pretty interesting beginning to a dark mystery. The natural assumption is that Luqas is the killer since he disappeared around the time the murders began. If so, why did he give himself the same tattoo that is on the victims? And from what we saw, he received it recently. If he isn’t the murder, who is it? Is Luqas the next victim? And just who is Michael Watcher? I’m curious enough to stay with this and find out.

I AM MICHAEL WATCHER #1 is available to order at www.skinnyboystudios.blogspot.com. You can find out more about the comic at www.iamwthecomic.wordpress.com.