A Review: BAD DREAMS #1

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of BAD DREAMS #1 from Red 5 Comics. Gary Winnick writes and draws.

A girl named Mary awakens in a strange world full of odd creatures. But oddest of all, there is no night in this world. She meets some new friends, gets attacked, and finds the tower of Mother Night, who can’t leave her tower. Mother Night asks Mary to find an object she can’t describe that will restore the balance. And so begins the quest.

This is a simple quest tale (or is it?), but what grabs the reader is the imaginative world that Winnick is building here. It plays with darkness and light in ways that one might not expect, and that really helps to reinforce the story. This issue does a nice job of building suspense in regards to the forces against Mary as well. Someone or something is working against her, and they are very sneaky indeed.

I always enjoy a good fantasy tale, and this one is as good as they come. Place your orders now to make sure your shop gets you a copy.

BAD DREAMS #1 is available for pre-order at your FLCS and online at red5comics.com. It is currently scheduled for an April print release.

~Mike ( @MikeyGeek )