A Review: OVERTAKEN #1

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of OVERTAKEN #1 from Aspen Comics. The story is by Frank Mastromauro, with art by Marco Lorenzana, colors by Wes Hartman and lettering by Josh Reed.

Investigative reporter Will Harden and his wife Jesse have moved from the big city of Chicago, Illinois to the small town of Turtle Creek, Minnesota. Things seem to be great for the couple in their new home. That is until one night, as Jesse is going home she encounters strange lights behind, then above her. Will is on his way, but will be too late as Jesse has disappeared.

An intriguing start to the series. Mastromauro does a great job of establishing the relationship between Will and Jesse so when she vanishes, you feel Will’s anxiety. The backstory regarding the history of the planet one assumes Jesse will eventually wind up on is interesting. Marco Lorenzana’s art is very nice; he handles the alien environments just as well as the plain, ordinary look of a small town in the Midwest. I’m curious to see where this story goes, so I’ll be sticking around.

OVERTAKEN #1 is in stores now or available for ordering at www.AspenComics.com.