The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of TRANSMEET from comiXology Submit. Juliana Azevedo writes and Mauricio Pommella draws.

Claris is a scientist in Tokyo, and Eward lives in Barcelona and has trouble with the simplest technology in his life. But thanks to teleportation tech, they manage to have a happy relationship. Eventually her work gets between them, though, and it turns out that Eward is not all that he appears to be. Once it gets personal, there’s no going back.

This book starts out as an almost irritating romance story with Claris and Eward struggling with the distances between them (on the map and in the tech sphere). But as we learn more about them and as they learn more about each other, it quickly turns into more like a corporate espionage thriller. And that story development makes this a really good book, watching the characters feel and evolve through their relationship.

Ultimately this is a complex story that’s really well told, set in a world where almost anything is possible. But the people make the story and this is a good one.

TRANSMEET is available now online at comixology.com.

~Mike ( @MikeyGeek )