The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of NORTHERN ADENTURE QUARTERLY #1 from Frozen Light Comics. The stories and art are by Andre St-Amour.

In “Chaos on Campus,” The Canadian Shield is in the second week of his career and takes on a giant robot that is destroying the school campus. Why is it there and who sent it? Is The Canadian Shield in over his head?

In “Arctic Hunt,” Nelvana battles a group of poachers at the Arctic Circle when she is captured. The leader seems to know a lot about our hero and her powers…more than she does! Can she escape and bring these evildoers to justice?

In “Deadly DNA,” Zodiac must use his powers of the twelve signs to battle a monster that is destroying the Biogenkem Laboratories Complex and try to find the missing scientist. Can he figure out what it would take to stop the creature?

This is an enjoyable all-ages book that invokes the spirit of a time when comics where fun to read. The stories were simple, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. The art reminds me of Thom Zahler’s LOVE AND CAPES, another book that recaptures the fun and adventure of comics. I will be keeping my eye on this series. 

NORTHERN ADENTURE QUARTERLY #1 is available at http://frozenlightcomics.blogspot.com.

~ Thomas

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