A Review: ANTI #1

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of ANTI #1 from 12-Gauge Comics. Peter Calloway writes, and Daniel Hillyard draws.

Jordan’s job is pretty clear cut; she sends the demons back to the pit. And Zachary smells like all of the other demons. But he doesn’t act like one; he genuinely doesn’t seem to know anything about his kind. He even saves her life after she smacks him around a bit. Not a normal demon at all…

The big question in this title (at least for the first arc) is “who or what is Zachary King?” I think the title is a big hint, but I also like the way they’ve chosen to make it a personal story. We’ll find out more about Zachary as Jordan gets to know him, and that opens up some potential characterization as well as maybe some drama. Then once his identity is established, the story can progress in any direction, really, depending on how Jordan reacts. It’s a great way to build a story.

Jordan is a strong character, and there will likely be a lot of revelation with Zachary along the way. This is a fun start to what could be a very interesting story.

ANTI #1 is available now at your FLCS or by order from 12gaugecomics.com.


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