The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of GHOSTBUSTERS #6 from IDW Publishing. Erik Burnham writes, Dan Schoening pencils, Luis Antonio Delgado colors, and Neil Uyetake letters.

This book is in the middle of a story arc in which the boys are tracking down an ancient spirit which feeds on greed. They’re also in the process of trying to clear their names, which have been besmirched by none other than Walter Peck (a familiar name to fans of the films).

I am a fan of the films, and am usually skeptical coming into an adaptation of existing characters or stories. But I definitely like how Burnham represents the team here. There’s a bit of exposition in the middle of this, and I can easily hear the voices of the characters when I read it. He knows these guys well, and he shows it by effectively using the kind of humor we recognize from them. And there’s enough story here to draw me into the arc as well. I also like that the art doesn’t try too hard to look just like the actors; it’s close enough, where anything more would seem desperate.

Overall this is a nice, light-hearted book with likable characters and a fun underlying horror theme. You know—much like the movies.

GHOSTBUSTERS #6 is available now at your FLCS or by order from idwpublishing.com.