A Review: OMEGA 1 #1

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of OMEGA 1 #1 from Comic Book Divas.  Mark Edward Lewis writes the story based on the television screenplay by Alina Andrei and Mark Edward Lewis. The art is by Emmanuel Xerx Javier.

A little background first…It’s 2023 and World War III has taken place, but battlefield is the internet. A group of elite hackers led by Ibrahm Anwar attack corporations and governmental systems and the planet is thrown into chaos. Therefore, the 21st century version of the “pony express” called couriers were created. Couriers are genetically modified personnel that carry their clients’ information in the neural wet-ware implants and are highly trained fighters. Omega1 is the best.

In issue #1, we find Omega carrying out an assignment, finding resistance that tells her that the mission has been compromised. She investigates to find out who would want her dead with the assistance of fellow couriers. The group runs into some opposition, including a woman who calls Omega “sister.” After taking care of the bad guys, Omega finds a file that holds information that shatters her world. Later, we see her in a café as she dreams about her training with Dr. Bertrand (who we saw earlier in the comic). She wakes up to see…Dr. Bertrand sitting in front of her.

The concept of a hacker world war is intriguing. I want to more about Omega1’s past and why people want her killed.  Javier’s art is incredible and want to see more of his work. Maybe it’s me, but I see a little of a Jerry Bingham (BATMAN: SON OF THE DEMON) influence here.  This would make a very good comic and TV series. Hopefully we'll see both.

OMEGA 1 #1 is available at omega1comic.com and comicbookdivas.com .

~ Thomas