The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of STAR WARS: DAWN OF THE JEDI – FORCE STORM #1 from Dark Horse Comics.  The story is by John Ostrander and Jan Duursema with Mr. Ostrander handling the script and Ms. Duursema handling the pencils.

The first half of the issue is the explanation of how the Jedi (or Je’daii) came to be on Tython. We then find ourselves on Infinite Empire controlled Tatooine, with Predor Tul’Kar and his Force Hound Xesh  dealing with the planet’s Force sensitives. The two are ordered to return to planet Byss because Predor Skal’nas has need of Xesh’s abilities to find the “Force rich” planet that lies within the core systems. Skal’nas own Force Hound, Trill, cannot locate the planet. Xesh boats he will find the planet with little problem which causes a quick confrontation between the hounds. There obviously is a history here between the two Predors and Hounds that hopefully will be expanded during the course of the story.

I enjoyed Ostrander’s and Duursema’s work on STAR WARS: LEGACY, so I was excited to see them return to the STAR WARS universe. They did such a great job chronicling the distant future, I was curious to see how they would handle the distant past…this is a great start. If this issue is any indication, the series should please the casual and hardcore STAR WARS fans – no easy feat.

STAR WARS: DAWN OF THE JEDI – FORCE STORM #1 is out in stores now or available at www.darkhorse.com.