For What It's Worth: Could This Be an Event from Marvel for 2012?

This teaser image has started to appear on several blogs with a note saying that this will be explained this weekend at the Fan Expo in Toronto. If you're going it's the "Pint O'CB" (how cute, a take off of Joe Quesada's "Cup O' Joe") Saturday 5:30pm (local time I assume) in Room 714.

Assuming that this is indeed an event...stop it, please. I'm tired of the mantra "Gimmicks, Events, and Deaths" that Marvel seems to be living by these days. STOP IT! The worse thing is these books sell. As Les is fond of pointing out, "they are called Marvel Zombies for a reason."

Look, for the record, I don't bleed Marvel red, nor DC blue. I'm a comic reader and fan. It just seems that Marvel is scared that if they stop what they are doing, the readers will immediately get bored and go somewhere else. Maybe they should worry about doing a comic that has a good story, good art, at a good price, and comes out regularly (no delays). DC should take note of this as well.

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