For What It's Worth: An End of an Era

Tomorrow, Action Comics #904 comes out and with that an era has come to an end. Action Comics, Detective Comics, and Batman are...were the longest running comics in history. These books were never cancelled, restarted, then return to the original number like Superman, Wonder Woman, and most of Marvel's books.

The last of the old guard: Detective #881, Action #904, Batman #713
Just think about it...Detective Comics started in 1937, Action Comics in 1938, Batman in 1940. Twelve Presidents have taken office in that time span. When the books started, television shows were rare, and you got your news and entertainment from the newspaper and radio.  Now you can do all three on a computer or your phone!

The new guard: Detective Comics, Action Comics, Batman
I am cautiously optimistic about what DC is about to do, but it saddens me these books won't hit the magic number of 1,000. From all indications, there are no trap doors to jump back if this is a complete mess. However, they could possibly go back to the DC universe we all know right now and go back to the original numbering, but that's just not right. The achievement would be as hollow as going back to the original numbering to hit milestone # 600. Only worse.

We shall see...

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