A Review: BLUE BARON #3.1

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of BLUE BARON #3.1 from Sitcomics. The story is written by Darin Henry; with pencils by Ron Frenz, inks by Sal Buscema, colors by Glenn Whitmore, and lettering by Marshall Dillon.

When noted professor of Super-Powered Heroes William Wharton is confronted about the question of evil, his obsession unhinges his mind and he (with a little unknown assistance) becomes the evil Professor Wrath! And he’s ready to spread pain and suffering across the universe!

While this is going on, Ernie (in the body of the Blue Baron) is getting more reckless with his newly obtained powers and is kicked out of the Heroes Union. At the same time, our hero Cedric (trapped in Ernie’s body) witnesses all aspects of his former life being destroyed by the kid. Add to that he has to deal with Ernie's parents who think he is crazy. And the worse is yet to come!

This title gets crazier with each issue and I totally dig it. Darin Henry gives you a script that is a perfect mix of humor, action, and drama that is so entertaining and fun. Legendary artists Frenz, Buscema, Whitmore, and Dillon help make this book a great addition to the superhero genre. Grab this book now.

BLUE BARON #3.1 is currently available on ComiXology or on Sitcomics' website, but will be in print this summer. Also, if your local comic store is not carrying Sitcomics’ Binge Books, not a problem! They can go to Sitcomics.net and make it happen!