The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of JUGHEAD: THE HUNGER #1 from Archie Comics. The story is by Frank Tieri; with pencils by Pat & Tim Kennedy, inks by Bob Smith & Jim Amash, colors by Matt Herms, and letters by Jack Morelli.

It’s been three weeks since the Reggie’s murder, and Jughead has left Riverdale to join the circus for sanctuary. Archie and Betty are hot on his trail, as Betty’s family has been werewolf hunters for generations. Meanwhile Veronica is left behind to deal with what has happened when she receives an unexpected visitor. And has Jughead killed AGAIN??

JUGHEAD: THE HUNGER is the latest in the Archie Horror line. Some fans might not like this take of the characters, but it’s a nice change of pace from the traditional tales (which I am a fan of as well). Pat & Tim Kennedy, no strangers to the gang from Riverdale, have a chance to do a little something different artistically with this book. With the assist of Bob Smith, Jim Amash, and Matt Herms, they create a spooky atmosphere works incredibly well. Tieri provides an interesting script that, by the conclusion of the series, one feels will not end well for most of the gang. Check it out. 

JUGHEAD: THE HUNGER #1 is in stores now or available at www.archiecomics.com.