The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of ARCHIE HALLOWEEN SPECTACULAR from Archie Comics. The stories are by Alex Simons, Paul Kupperberg, & Dexter Taylor; with pencils by Pat & Tim Kennedy, & Dexter Taylor; inks by Jim Amash, & Rudy Lapick; colors by Digikore Studios, & Barry Grossman; and letters by Jack Morelli, & Bill Yoshida.

“Scary Scary Doooo!”-   The gang is invited to a Halloween party that’s being held at a doll store. The party takes a scary turn when the dolls come alive…
“Giving up the Ghost” - A Halloween party is being held at the Lodge Mansion for charity. That part of the mansion is said to be haunted, but that’s superstitious nonsense…right?
“A Party for Ghosts”- Little Betty and Veronica are getting ready for a special Halloween party with the boys. Little do they know that the boys have a trick planned for them. You’ll never guess who gets the treat in this Halloween tale.

It wouldn’t be Halloween without spending a little time with the gang from Riverdale. While the stories are a little derivative, they are nevertheless fun. Fans of classic Archie will want to pick this up. 

ARCHIE HALLOWEEN SPECTACULAR is in stores now or available at www.archiecomics.com.