A Review: QUEEN #1

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of QUEEN #1 from Jamie Me. Jamie Me writes and letters, Bernardinus Gita draws, and Sean Callahan colors.

Emily Green is a Deputy Prime Minister going through a rough patch. She’s not happy at work, she’s not happy at home, and she’s not sure what she wants to do about any of it. When she gets home one evening, a package she got at the office starts ringing, and the voice on the phone knows way too much about her. And the voice offers her the office of Prime Minister and the means to take it.

This first issue was published via Kickstarter not long ago, when a contentious election loomed over the UK. It’s a political thriller with interesting and dark undertones, and I think it could be well received on this side of the pond right now with our current political landscape. The story builds the tension effectively, and the art helps to convey that as well as an uncertain risk of future violence.

It’s a very good first issue, with great promise of political drama on par with some of the best TV shows of the genre. I can’t wait to see more from these Brits.

QUEEN #1 is available now online at jamieme.com.

~Mike ( @MikeyGeek )