The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of DAWN/VAMPIRELLA #1 from Dynamite Comics. The story is written and illustrated by Joseph Michael Linser, colors by Valentina Pinto, and letters by Jeff Eckleberry.

Vampirella goes after a child killer who calls himself “The Vampire of Queens,” only to find out it was a trap. She wakes up and finds herself in a room with Dawn (who was captured as well). The two are led to a great hall where they meet their “host.” His plan? To have the women battle each other for the right to bear his demon child!

I have been waiting to see this team up (especially under Lisner’s control) and for the most part was pleased. The thing that surprised me is his handling of Vampirella; it somehow didn't ring true. He wrote her as a “fight first, ask questions later (maybe)” type; not really the same character that I've read elsewhere. Otherwise, it’s a real promising start to a cool story. Lisner’s art is incredible as always; the scenery is as beautiful as the leading ladies. I’m interested in seeing where this goes.

DAWN/VAMPIRELLA #1 is in stores now, or available for ordering at www.dynamite.com.