The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of THE TWILIGHT ZONE ANNUAL 2014 from Dynamite Entertainment. The stories are written by Mark Rahner, with art by Randy Valiente, Jose Malaga, and Edu Menna, colors by Lisa Moore, Marco Lesko, and Sandra Molina, and lettering by Rob Steen.

In “Takers,” Senator Randall wishes to cut benefits to the poor to avoid “A culture of dependency.” He passes out on the Senate floor only to wake up in a small dying town during the Great Depression.

In “Not Faire,” Philip Theobald is a grad student and a Ren-fair player, who wishes he could live in those times. Philip is about to learn the old lesson of “be careful of what you wish, you just might get it.”

In “The Secret Over-Sharer,” a writer who is rebelling against posting everything on social media suddenly finds that parts of her life begin to fade away.
These stories are worthy additions to the TWILIGHT ZONE legend. Mark Rahner wrote some very compelling tales that have the unique twist that you have come to expect. These aren’t in the class of Rod Serling’s classic stories, but they are pretty darn close.  Solid artwork by Valiente, Malaga, and Menna round out a very enjoyable read.

THE TWILIGHT ZONE ANNUAL 2014 is in stores now, or available for ordering at www.dynamite.com.