The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of G.I. JOE: SPECIAL MISSIONS #14 from IDW Publishing. The story is by Chuck Dixon, with art by Will Rosado, colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr., and lettering by Neil Uyetake.

The Special Missions team captures an important man who has ties to Cobra, the Caxas Cartel, and Shining Path. Getting him was easy; getting him back to home base is something entirely different. With Roadblock unconscious and Mainframe wounded, it becomes a battle of snipers as Lowlight buys the team time to escape.

Unfortunately, this is the last issue of the series, but it ends with a bang (literally). This has been a cool series to read, especially under the guidance of writer Chuck Dixon. I’m a fan of the “done-in-one,” or a self-contained story. While I miss seeing Paul Gulacy (who has been on most of the series), Rosado’s art definitely captures the tenseness of the battle between Lowlight and his opposite number. I will miss the small team, big action of this series. Hopefully it will come back soon.

G.I. JOE: SPECIAL MISSIONS #14 is in stores now, or available for ordering at www.idwpublishing.com.