The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of CITY: THE MIND IN THE MACHINE #1 from IDW Publishing. Eric Garcia writes, Javier Fernandez draws, and Mark Englert colors.

Ben is a programmer, and he’s helped develop the ultimate crime-fighting tool – a computer that uses all of the surveillance cameras in the city to spot crimes and instantly direct police to the scene. But there’s something missing, something Ben can’t code into it. When an explosion robs him of his eyes, he learns that he can connect to the system with his new implants – which may just solve the problem.

This book contains a strong anti-terrorism theme, and I wonder how they plan to handle that over time. Ben and his system are impressive in a near-future context, and the questions that this issue raises should provide story arcs for quite some time. There are a ton of open doors to explore here, and it should be fun to watch them do that.

There are so many directions this book could go, and how can you not love that kind of potential? It’s going to be great fun to see where they go with it. This is the time to get on board.

CITY: THE MIND IN THE MACHINE #1 hits your FLCS February 12. It's available for ordering online at idwpublishing.com or darbypop.com.

~Mike ( @MikeyGeek )