The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of HEROBEAR AND THE KID: THE INHERITANCE #5 from Kaboom! Studios. The story is written and illustrated by Mike Kunkel.

 The butler Henry reveals to Tyler that he knows of Herobear and the secret study. Tyler is then stunned when he finds out the true identity of his grandfather! Von Klon, who is disturbed with the appearance of Herobear and the Kid, sends out the X-5 robot again to eliminate them. Tyler figures out a way to stop the robot and with the assistance of Herobear, saves the day. The day ends with Tyler learning a valuable lesson and receives a visit by a special person. The backup tale is Henry's diary entry completing the story of Von Klon’s past.

HEROBEAR AND THE KID is such a great all-ages title that brings back the innocence and wonder of childhood.  Mike Kunkel is a former Disney animator, and you can see why he was hired. His art is magical, yet simple and honestly looks great. These are definitely for anyone who has kids, or wants to be one again.

HEROBEAR AND THE KID: THE INHERITANCE #5 is in stores now, or available to order at www.Kaboom-Studios.com.