The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of TALL TALES FROM THE BADLANDS #3 from Black Jack Press. The stories are by: Mark Wheton, Sean Fahey, Robert Napton, and Matt Dembicki. The art is by:  Jerry Decaire, John Fortune, Franco Cespedes, Ezequiel Rosingana, and Ruben Rojas. The lettering is by Kel Nuttall.

In “The Judgment of the People,” a hanging judge convicts and puts an innocent man to death. That’s when he faces true justice from beyond the grave. In the tale “Apologies,” a family is stuck in the middle of nowhere starving and freezing to death in the snow. The father makes a difficult decision, but help has arrived...right? “Rustlers” tells the story of criminals who try to rob a train, but may have bitten off more than they can chew…literally. “All Mine” shows how far two friends will go to protect their gold mine. Finally, “Where the Heart Is” one of two families living out on the frontier decides to go home, however home may not be what you think.

Once again Black Jack Press has gathered some high quality western tales, only this time there is supernatural been added to the mix. The art is in black and white, and that only adds to the atmosphere. I know western comics aren’t in high demand, but there are some great stories being put out there. The folks from Black Jack Press are doing their part and doing it extremely well.

TALL TALES FROM THE BADLANDS #3 is available to order at Indy Planet and Graphicly. Check them Black Jack Press at www.Facebook.com/BlackJackPress.