The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of DEATH SENTENCE #1 from Titan Comics. The story is by Monty Nero with art by Mike Dowling, and letters by Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt.

This is the story of three people: Weasel, Monty, and Verity, all three have contracted the G+ virus. The plus (no pun intended) is they are given superhuman abilities, the minus is they only have six months to live after the abilities manifest. You would think things couldn’t get worse, but their condition gets them noticed by an agency of the government.

What an interesting and original concept. Each of the characters deal with their situation in their own unique and real way (anger, melancholy, “what the hell, I’ll make the best of it”).  The issue mainly focuses mainly on Weasel and Monty, but Verity’s story (which is the saddest of the three) may be focus of the next issue as she ends this chapter in a frightening cliffhanger. Anyone who is looking for a really good book should give this one a chance. It’s worth it.

DEATH SENTENCE #1 is in stores now, or you can go to their website www.Titan-Comics.com.