A Book Review: LEGO Play Book

The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of LEGO Play Book by Daniel Lipkowitz from DK Books.

The LEGO Play Book displays a number of unique creations (courtesy of The Fan Builders) that can be made from famous toy blocks. Anything you can think of: from fairy castles to haunted houses, nature trails to the bottom of the ocean is more than likely shown here. Also included are tips and advice from the Builders, creations that could be built quickly, and ideas for group activities.

This is a really neat book full of creations that I never would have thought of building. While there aren’t any step-by step guides here, the tips and advice are very helpful. The creativity of the builders is very impressive and should be encouragement to anyone to do whatever they can imagine. This book makes we want to go out and buy some LEGOs just to see what I can do!

LEGO Play Book is in bookstores now and available for ordering at www.DK.com.