The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of THE POWERPUFF GIRLS #1 from IDW Publishing. The story and art is by Troy Little, with lettering by Little and Neil Uyetake.

The city of Townsville….is under attack! Mojo Jojo in his giant metal exoskeleton (what, again?) feels he has the girls beaten, but he’s wrong (again). The next day, the people of Townsville give the girls a token of appreciation for all their hard work when they find out a swamp creature is destroying the golf course at the local country club. They quickly dispatch the monster and find missing golf pro Jock Scott during the process. Meanwhile – Mojo, discouraged by his constant defeat at the hands of the girls, makes a shocking decision!

The girls are back saving the day like they never left. Troy Little captures the fun, action, and humor that you got from the show. I can hear the voices of the characters when I read the issue. This was a blast to read and can’t wait to get my hands on the next issue.

THE POWERPUFF GIRLS #1 is in stores now or available for ordering at www.IDWPublishing.com.