The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of UGLI STUDIOS PRESENTS #2 from Ugli Studios. The anthology includes:  “The Painted Ladies of San Quentin” written by David Paul, art by Jason Lenox, colors by Joe Freistuhler, and lettering by Dave Sharpe; “The Courier” by Brian Allen; and “Thirteen” by Joseph Freistuhler.

In the western story “The Painted Ladies of San Quentin,” the sheriff’s whore wants Elijah Holman dead because of what he knows. Things get complicated when an assassin shows up to kill the first assassin as well. Will anyone make it out alive?

In “The Courier,” a human prisoner is trying to escape his alien captors while carrying a mysterious box. But what is in it: salvation for mankind, or its downfall?

In “Thirteen,” a man has created his thirteen “brother” and is ready to achieve the goals he has in mind. Unfortunately, the newest member to the family has his own plans…

Once again, the book provides some top notch stories and art. “Painted Ladies” definitely catches the spirit of the best spaghetti westerns, while “The Courier” provides fast paced sci-fi action, and “Thirteen” has a noir vibe to it. I’ve been impressed with what Jason Lenox and company have done so far and can’t wait to read more.

UGLI STUDIOS PRESENTS #2 is available for ordering at http://www.jasonlenox.com/online-store/.