The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of RESIDENT ALIEN: SUICIDE BLONDE #0 from Dark Horse Comics. The story is by Peter Hogan with art by Steve Parkhouse. The story was originally printed in DARK HORSE PRESENTS issues #18-20.

While Harry is recovering from the bullet wound received, he finds out that he has been temporary replaced as the town’s doctor (which upsets the nurses and patients alike). He approaches the mayor about the problem and promises to oversee the young doc, and when the time comes to replace him for a year. Harry is then asked to help out with a new murder victim.

Meanwhile, a unnamed government agency  is aware of Harry’s crash landing are trying to decide if this is real, a prank by another agency, or an enemy country trying to make them appear foolish for looking for “little green men.”

I am so glad to see this book back. Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse have created an intriguing group of characters and storyline that wants me to keep coming back for more. Asta’s dream is interesting and I wonder if she will tell Harry that she knows the truth. With the presence of the government in this issue, I expect things to be kicked up a notch. Definitely a must read.

RESIDENT ALIEN: SUICIDE BLONDE #0 is in stores now or available for ordering at www.Darkhorse.com.