The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of THE MAGICIAN from Fifth Dimension Comics. David M. Brown writes and D.N.S. draws.

Eugene is a guy whose got it all figured out. He’s centered, you know? He’s happy, he loves his job, and it shows. He’s known as the Magician, and that’s because he makes problems disappear. We get to see an example of the problems he deals with, and you have to admit he’s very efficient. The body count is a bit high, but the problem is solved. And that’s what really matters.

This story is very short (six pages), but I really believe that being any longer would have ruined it. It’s a nicely crafted story with a main character who by all rights should be completely whacko. But he’s a guy who understands his place in the world and has completely accepted it. It’s a brutal, nasty place, but it’s his and he’s happy with it. It’s rather nice, really, especially if you don’t mind the raw violence of it. And the art fits quite well; it blends the minimalism and the violence of the story quite well.

This story is part of an upcoming anthology, and if it’s any indicator of the quality of the rest of the book, it will be well worth picking up.

THE MAGICIAN and its anthology THE WISDOM OF FOOLS is coming soon online at fifthdimensioncomics.wordpress.com.

~Mike ( @MikeyGeek )