The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of GENIE THE GENIUS #1 from APE Entertainment and After Hours Press. The stories are by Darren Sanchez and Emily Sanchez, with art by Massimo Asaro and Fernando Peniche, colors by Antonio Peniche and Fernando Peniche, and lettering by Marshall Dillon and Adrian Martinez.

Meet Andy, a boy who is more interested in playing his videogame than being on the fieldtrip to the museum. He gets lost and finds himself in a storage room where he finds a lamp. Out from the lamp pops Genie, a lower level genie who can only assist kids, not grant wishes. Genie helps out Andy with this report by taking him back to the time of dinosaurs. They barely get back and Andy is able to do his report the next day. A sign of things to come?

In the backup tale “Emily’s Story,” Andy’s little sister Emily is having a tea party and decides to invite him to join her and stuffed animals. She witnesses the return of Genie and Andy from their adventure.  Genie and (reluctantly) Andy join Emily for tea. Emily suggests that she should join them on future adventures, much to the dismay of Andy.

APE Entertainment publishes great all-ages books and GENIE THE GENIUS is a worthy addition to their line. This is a cute little book filled with humor and adventure that everyone can enjoy.  Check it out!

GENIE THE GENIUS #1 is in stores now or available for ordering at www.ApeComics.com or www.KiZoic.com.