The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of NUMBERCRUNCHER #1 from Titan Comics. Si Spurrier writes and PJ Holden draws.

Zane hates his job. Now granted, he works in the very purgatorial Karmic Accountancy, so it’s not that surprising. The only way he can “resign” is to be replaced. But when a potential replacement shows up in the form of a terminally ill mathematician, it may not be as simple as Zane wants it to be.

There’s a fun underlying thread to this story, and it’s brought through in a subtle way, in Zane’s narration. Here’s a guy who doesn’t seem prone to deep thinking, so his foreshadowing is going to have to be done just right. And indeed it’s done very well; he hints that something’s going to come later, but does a nice job of not giving it away. And on top of that, the idea that all the world is basically a ledger sheet is just cosmically frustrating. I almost find myself pulling for the mathematician.

There are some really cool karmic ideas in this title, and there are glimpses of depth even in the thuggish Zane. It’s interesting, and I like it. Pick it up and see if you agree.

NUMBERCRUNCHER #1 is available now at your LCS or online at titan-comics.com.

~Mike ( @MikeyGeek )