The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of SLEEPY HOLLOW #2 from Zenescope Comics. The story was created by Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, and Raven Gregory.  It is written by Dan Wickline with art by Alberto Cortes and colors by Erick Arciniega.

Brian Aston and some of his teammates on the university basketball team want to scare teacher’s assistant Craig Marsters into giving Brian a copy of the History final so he can pass the class. Unfortunately the prank goes horribly wrong and Craig is beheaded. At Craig’s funeral it’s revealed that the police concluded it was a suicide since there was a note with the body. The players know the truth but keep their silence.

The Terry Town University’s Mythology and Folklore class is being taught by a familiar face to the Zenescope fans.  Sela Mathers starts off with the famous “Headless Horseman” tale since the legend originated nearby. After recounting the tale of Ichabod Crane, she goes into the actual story that takes place during the American Revolution involving two friends and a woman they both love. The story ends with one betraying friend and country and the other being beheaded. After class, the players involved in the tragic event meet up and discuss the story and it’s revealed that Craig is a descendant of the original victim. Could history be repeating itself?

I really liked the new spin to the legend so kudos for that. It was a nice surprise to see Sela from Grimm Fairy Tales show up and recount the legend then what actually happened so long ago. As usual the art is very well done. I’m sticking around to see this story ends.

SLEEPY HOLLOW #2 is in stores now and available at www.zenescope.com.

~ Thomas