The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of THE GATHERING: AND NOTHING LESS from GrayHaven Comics. Various writers and artists contributed to this collection, edited by Erica J Heflin.

This edition of GrayHaven’s ongoing collected works series focuses on women, both on the page and making the pages. There’s a wide selection of stories here, ranging from science fiction to youthful pet stories. I really liked the sci-fi story leading off the book; great use of humor in that one. The special ops story and the jacket story were also quite entertaining; I love a good twist.

The other fun part about collections like this is the wide variance of art you get to see. Some of the art in this is not great, but there are a few real gems here. "Forbidden" gives us an fascinating artistic contrast from what we’re used to. "Faceless" and the protective mother story are also beautifully drawn.

It’s really cool for a fan of indie comics like me to see a collection like this which gives up-and-coming new talent a chance to be seen. And it looks like they’ve got some more interesting stuff coming up next year. There’s some really good stuff happening between these covers, and I’m looking forward to more of it.

THE GATHERING: AND NOTHING LESS is available now by order from grayhavencomics.com.