The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of IRRESISTIBLE #2 from Zenescope Comics. The story is written by Raven Gregory, with art by Derlis Santacruz and colors by Franco Riesco.

Allen is enjoying the gift of having any woman want him, but still hasn’t gotten over his ex-girlfriend leaving him. His sudden ability to be irresistible to all women was fun at one point, but all he thinks about is Leigh. Unfortunately for him, she’s found someone that makes her happy. Allen goes home to find Veronica in his apartment and has made him dinner. What will she do when she finds out that he’s not in love with her? Is Allen in danger?

This is a good, solid effort from Raven Gregory (quickly becoming a fan). I have a feeling how this mini-series will end, but Gregory may be counting on that and will throw a curveball. Goodness knows I’ve been wrong before. The artwork from Derlis Santacruz and colors from Franco Riesco is high quality, but I expect that from the Zenescope.
IRRESISTIBLE #2 is in stores now and available at www.zenscope.com.

~ Thomas