The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of THE EVIL TREE from Arcana Comics. The story is written by Erik Hendrix, with art by Daniel Thollin and colors by Anna Sallstrom.

A group of friends take off to a cabin bought by Misha and her fiancĂ© Daren. They needed some down time and were also concerned about Misha being withdrawn. As they settle down for the night, Misha “sleepwalks” out to an evil looking tree. The tree captures her and tells the others to “bring back my babies before he gets them again.” The group learns the history of the cabin and is attacked by ghosts of the first family to own the home. Can they figure out the tree’s cryptic message and save their friend… and themselves?

THE EVIL TREE is a great ghost story with some nice scares and very little gore. Daniel Tollin’s unique art style and Anna Sallstrom's colors adds to the overall spookiness of the book. This is the perfect graphic novel to get you in the Halloween spirit.
THE EVIL TREE will be in stores soon, but it is available for ordering at www.arcana.com. The individual chapters are available at ComiXology.

~ Thomas