The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of STAR WARS: DARTH MAUL:  DEATH SENTENCE #2 from Dark Horse Comics. The story is written by Tom Taylor, with art by Bruno Redondo and colors by Michael Atiyeh.

Darth Maul and his brother Savage Opress are on the planet Moorjhone to eliminate Ja’Boag - the owner of the Rim Commercial Mining who has put a bounty on the both of them. Jedi Masters Salmara and Judd, and Padawan Dray have also arrived looking for the brothers. The ensuing battle leaves many of Ja’Boag’s army dead, Dray and Judd injured, Opress encased in Carbonite, and Maul not in the best of shape. Maul awakens to find himself among people who believe he is the great warrior whose coming was foretold.

I’ve had mixed feelings about this mini-series. Don’t get me wrong, the story is really good and it gives you more of the badass Maul, but there’s my problem. Darth Maul should be dead, but he’s not. I’ve had discussions regarding this and nearly got my head torn off. Regardless, the story is pretty cool and I definitely interested in seeing how this ends. Bruno Redondo’s art is impressive, especially the sequence with the injured Maul having dreams hallucinations regarding his failure that led him to his current condition.

STAR WARS: DARTH MAUL: DEATH SENTENCE #2 is in stores now and available at www.darkhorse.com.

~ Thomas