The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of MEGAMIND – BLUE & BOLD from Ape Entertainment. The collection of stories is written by Troy Dye, Tom Kelesides, and Quinn Johnson with art by Carlos Valenti and Fernando Peniche.

In “Megamutt,” Minion wants a dog, but Megamind said no. An object falls from the skies, crashes, and a blue colored dog jumps out.  Minion soon learns to be careful what you wish for, you might get it…

In “Rox Star,” An object falls from the sky and crashes at the zoo where reporter Roxanne Ritchi is at covering the birth of baby monkeys. While Megamind and Minion saves the rest of the crowd, Roxanne is mysteriously transformed into the rocker Rox Star. Will she stay the rocker or go back to her old life as Roxanne the reporter?

In “A Sidekick’s Sidekick,” a boy shows up to Megamind’s headquarters and wants to become a superhero. Minion makes him HIS sidekick and has him learn the rules on how to be a good minion. Unfortunately, the boy feels superheroes don’t have rules and tries to wing it…with disastrous results.

And in “Misfortune Cookie,” Minion’s fortune cookie says he will have a string of good luck. While he walks around town figuring what the good luck possibilities will be, incredible acts of good fortune is happening…unbeknownst to him.

This book has a great mix of humor and action that anyone can enjoy. The stories are simple, yet a lot of fun to read and the art captures the spirit of the animated film. If you are a fan, you should definitely check this out. 

MEGAMIND – BLUE & BOLD is in stores now and available at www.Kizoic.com.

~ Thomas