The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of LENORE: SWIRLIES from Titan Books. Roman Dirge writes and draws.

Lenore, Ragamuffin and Pooty are back and up to their usual hijinks in this new collection. Lenore goes to a birthday party, and then we learn more about her ‘stage of life’, and then we get a Lenore-style biology lesson (one that Ragamuffin won’t soon forget, anyway).

I made the mistake of reading this book in public, and the result was that everyone around me thought I was a giggling lunatic. Corpse humor is still not exactly mainstream, but to pull it off from the mind of a child takes a degree of twistedness that’s practically unheard of even in our zombie-soaked culture today. And that is very much a compliment in this case; this stuff is simply hilarious.

If you like to laugh, go get this book. It’s probably best suited for teens and adults, but that’s not to say small children wouldn’t think it was funny. One simply wouldn’t want to give them any ideas J

LENORE: SWIRLIES is available now at your FLCS or by order from titanbooks.com.


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