The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of HALLOWEEN MAN VS. THE INVISIBLE MAN. The webcomic collection is written by Halloween Man creator Drew Edwards, with art by Sergio Calvet.

Solomon Hitch was killed by a vampire on Halloween night and resurrected by magic. He is now a zombie with powers that he uses to fight the forces of evil. He is aided in his quest by his beautiful scientist girlfriend Dr. Lucy Chaplin.

Solomon has been recruited to investigate the murder of a dominatrix at a fetish club owned by Lucy's estranged friend. More deaths occur before our heroes discover that the person responsible is the recently resurrected Invisible Man – H.G. Griffin. Halloween Man will do everything in his power to stop Griffin’s mad plan, but how can you fight an invisible man?

This book has a great mix of horror, humor and action that enjoyable. It is very rare that the hero in a book is a monster who gets the girl. It's always nice to read something that is unique and different. While Calvet’s art is very good, the style seems a little odd match to the story, but that more than likely adds to it's uniqueness. All in all, it is well worth checking out.

HALLOWEEN MAN VS. THE INVISIBLE MAN is available at www.Halloweenman.com.

~ Thomas