The Fellowship was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of CHAMPIONS OF THE WILD WEIRD WEST from Arcana Studios. Michael David Nelsen and Erik Hendrix write, and George Kambadais draws.

Jack and his friends have seen some things together, but danged if this don’t beat all. The train carrying Jack’s beloved is attacked, no survivors. But the passengers are still walking around… Jack makes a couple of new friends and deals with a couple of old enemies in this five-chapter graphic novel.

This title certainly hits all of the usual western tropes, but it does so in an entertaining way. It also gives us a good bit more characterization than many westerns; these characters are actually people rather than two-dimensional fighting machines. They also happen to be people with interesting skill sets, including the samurai and the shaman. A heavy dose of the spiritual gives the story the twist it needs to be interesting to a reader like me, who doesn’t usually get into westerns.

Good characters and supernatural hijinks make for a good read in my book, and this title certainly delivers. Check it out, pardners.

CHAMPIONS OF THE WILD WEIRD WEST is available now at your FLCS or by order from arcana.com.